Atria Hotel Malang is strategically located at city centre with easy access to nearby places of interest which allows guest to travel around without long distance transport.

Kota Wisata Batu

Kota Batu, also known as Batu, is a city in Indonesia’s East Java Province where It’s surrounded by mountains like Arjuno and Welirang. Batu is well known for its tourism with areas as such Some Coban Rondo Waterfall, Jatim Park, Selecta Pool and Garden, Alun-alun Batu, Eco Green Park, Museum Satwa, Museum Angkut, Paralayang etc.

Mall Olympic Garden

The Olympic Garden Mall is a family mall with the concept of providing all the family needs in one place. Not only with the concept but the place is also very strategic where the mall is adjacent to Hotel the hospital, elite area, stadium, swimming pool, and mayor's house. MOG is the largest mall located in the center of Malang.

Government Office

The city of Malang is located at Jalan Tugu No. 1 Kidul Dalem, Klojen, Malang City, East Java 65119. This place also doubles as Malang City Hall. The coordinate point of this city government office in the map is the central point of Malang city marked by Tugu Malang City in front of it and next to it there is Stasiun Malang Kota Baru.


Permata Bunda Hospital or sometimes known as RSU Permata Bunda Malang, is a general hospital that is located in Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 75 Lowokwaru - Malang 65142 Lowokwaru, Malang. This hospital is open every day 24H. This Hospital has provided a lot varian of departments such a general department, Anesthetics...

Airport Abdul Rachman Saleh

Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport is an airport serving Malang, the second largest city in East Java province of Indonesia. This airport is named after Abdoel Rachman Saleh, an Indonesian aviator and physiologist whose plane was shot down by the Dutch when landing in Maguwo Airfield (now Adisucipto International Airport)

Malang Town Square

Malang Town Square also known as MATOS is one of biggest family mall in Malang City with the concept of providing all the family needs, was established since 2005. This modern 4 story shopping mall is located in Jl. Veteran No. 2, Penanggungan, Klojen, Penanggungan, Klojen, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65145.