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Pre-Launch Starlet Hotel
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Parador Hotels & Resorts Welcoming 2 New Properties in 2013
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Parador Hotels & Resorts Expansion to Sumatra - Indonesia
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Topping Off Atria Hotel & Conference Malang
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Grand Launching 12-12-12
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January, 16 2014 Pre-Launch STARLET HOTEL Brand in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
December, 19 2013 Corporate Gathering Famehotel Gading Serpong in Conjunction with 1st Anniversary
December, 15 2013 Fun Bike Ara Hotel Gading Serpong
December, 03 2013 The Grand Launching of Atria Hotel & Conference Malang
November, 07 2013 Ara Hotel Gading Serpong Welcoming 1st Guest Arrival
November, 01 2013 3rd Anniversary Atria Hotel & Conference Paramount Serpong
October, 01 2013 Atria Hotel & Conference Malang Welcoming 1st Guest Arrival
March, 01 2013 Topping Off Ara Hotel Gading Serpong
February, 12 2013 Topping Off Atria Hotel & Conference Malang
January, 22 2013 Brand Launching of Parador Hotels & Resorts
December, 12 2012 The Grand Opening 4 properties
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