Offers & Promotion

Treat yourself with one of our enticing packages. There’s never been a better time to enjoy Atria Hotel Magelang.

Stay on Ramadan

Rp 600,000 net/room/night*

Breakfasting Dinner

Start at Rp 78,000 net/person

Banking Promo

10% Discount


Instant discount up to 40%

Nasi Joglosemar

Rp 70,000,00 net/portion

Enjoy The Beautiful Nature of Magelang

Rp 3.200.000,00 net/pax

Explore Magelang

Starts from Rp. 555,000 net/person

Pasar Ikan

Rp 89,999 net/person

Golf Package

Rp. 800.000 net/pax

Angkringan Mbok Mur

Rp 49,999 nett/portion

Onthelan Ala Atria

Starts from Rp. 889,000 net/room