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Sekupang Ferry Terminal

20 minutes drive from Sekupang International Ferry Terminal.

Guava Gardens

The Guava Gardens is another alternative destination to get experience. We can get our own guava and weigh to buy it. The many guava tree suitable for family activities, the location 10 minute driver from Fame Hotel Batam.

TOP 100 Mall

TOP 100 Shopping mall Batu Aji is the most local people at Batu Aji area for spend weekend with their family and also the only one have the biggest waterpark in Batam. Location 10 minute driver from Fame Hotel Batam.

Water Boom

Twenty minutes to Water Boom Batu Aji, The one of the famous water park in Batam

Kepri Mall

One of the biggest mall at Batam and Entertainment complex with the famous restaurant brand, only fifteen minutes’ drive to KEPRI Mall

Barelang Bridge

The Barelang Bridge is an icon and chain of 6 bridges of various types that connect the islands of Batam, Rempang, and Galang(Indonesia) which is only ten minutes away.